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Assalamualikum & Good Day! Hi, I'm Nurin Afifah. Welcome to My Paris Town. Please be nice here. Copycats are not allowed here. Have a Nice day. Gomawo!

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Kinds of very NEAT, right??

Hi, bloggers! Now, i want to post in English.. First, I want to say if i am broken English. Please tell me at comment box and please don't laughing. -laugh out loud-

  Back to the topic, kinds of very neat. So, what are you guess about my blog? Is it very neat? Is it very clean? Ouh, my gucci! I think my blog is very neat, isn't it? Yeah, i know that i am notice, right? Well, i don't want to tell you about that but about my blog. I think my blog is very neat. Honestly, i don't like very much if my blog is very very very very very very neat. Yeah, i admit that i like neat but this is to neat, bloggers!

  So, what do you think about my blog? Is it okay or not? I'm just want your opinion. That's only. Seriously, i am boring with my very very very neat blog. But, if i edit my blog from neat to messy, what do you think? Do you will like my blog again? But now, do you love my blog? Well, my friend said to me "Nurin, i like neat blog. Well, just be yourself. If you like it, you do it. If you don't like it, don't do it! Understand me?". Then i said "Thanks for your advise. Seriously, i am understand of what you said". So, in this post, am i broken english? Well, i'm just want to practice. You know why? Because practice makes perfect! Good bye!