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A TRUE Friend NEVER gets in your way UNLESS you happen to be going down.
-  Arnold H. Glasow..

A single rose can be my Garden.. A single friend can be my WORLD! - Leo Buscaglia 

Hello, people ! I'm back ! LOL.. xoxo

Now, I have a good mood to write this a lengthy post. I hope you will read it until the expiry of this post and you can understand it because my english is not accurate. :D

Well, did you read the quotes ? I shared the quotes because I want to tell you about F.R.I.E.N.D.S. to me.. Friends are really meaningful to me. Do you want to know why ? Because, without friends my life will not 100% perfect ! I know, there's no people PERFECT in the world. But, we have perfect life in world, right ?

In friendship, we have been fight , right ? No matter how many times we fight, but we'll friends back. There's no fun if we not have a JOKE with our friends.. That is 30% how the fight starts..

Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we sad, sometimes we're happy..
Those are the things that we always do together with friends..

I feel so lucky because I've got so many good friends.. I love them so much... I have my bosom friends.. They always make me smile and laugh.. But sometimes, they make me angry and sad.. :'( But, what happened to us, it is a challenge in friendship. Till then, we still friends..

Lydia Isharuddin, Tengku Shahariah, Yaya Sarah, Wan Aieda, Nick Syaz, Nurin Asfa and many more.. They are very understanding.. Guys , I love you so much.. You make my life cloudless ! Thank you.. :*

Promise ?